Spring vegetable broth

I love meat. But recently, I’ve found myself veering towards a more vegetable-based diet. I fear I’ll become an accidental vegetarian.


Mushroom pate

Grey food is not attractive. Grey may be desirable in a Farrow and Ball paint chart, but it doesn’t shout “Eat me! I’m yummy!” in food. Luckily some things taste better than they look, and this is one of them.

Super-easy soda bread

I love bread. I love easy, quick stuff. Why would I not love soda bread, the easiest, quickest bread ever? In theory at least, we are a perfect fit.

Digging and planting

I’ve been in the garden, digging and planting. Naturally I have overdone it, and naturally I shall pay for it tomorrow, if not sooner. But it’s virtuous pain…

A summer dressing gown

I asked for a new dressing gown for Christmas this year. But because I am a picky little snowflake, my family wisely chose less controversial gifts like gin and an Aeropress. So I made one.

Quick pickled vegetable and noodle salad

A bowl of quick pickled vegetables, made into a salad with rice noodles, and used to cut through the rich oiliness of grilled mackerel with its crispy skin. I will eat pretty much anything if you stick it in an Asian-spiced pickle marinade.

Almost spring

Very pleasant to wake up feeling vaguely human and find the sun was out. Seemed like a good day to survey the post-Christmas disaster that is the garden.

Pussyhats galore

I didn’t go on last week’s Women’s March but I’m proud that two of my crochet pussyhats did. I hope there’ll be even more hats next time, so here’s my very easy crochet pattern.

Laziest bread ever

I thought I’d got the effort in breadmaking down to the bare minimum, then my friend Michele told me about this method which takes even less effort. It’s not quite fresh bread for breakfast, but it could be fresh bread for brunch.

Fried rice: the rules!

Fried rice was our to-go easy dinner when I was a kid – we probably ate it once a week at least. Without a doubt it is my top comfort food, as it probably is for most people with some SE Asian heritage. It’s also quick, delicious, and a fine repository for any old leftovers bunging up the fridge.

Celery soup with Stilton and walnut scones

This is a good standby lunch for me as I’ve usually got all the ingredients lurking around, but it’s also nice enough for visitors. In true Lazybones style, it’s pretty much throw-it-together using what you have.

On loving to read

I don’t know how old I was when I started reading. I do know that once I did get going, I devoured books like a steam train furnace eats coke. “Feed me! Feed me!” I growled, ratcheting through a book a day.