Laziest bread ever

I thought I’d got the effort in breadmaking down to the bare minimum, then my friend Michele told me about this method which takes even less effort. It’s not quite fresh bread for breakfast, but it could be fresh bread for brunch.

Fried rice: the rules!

Fried rice was our to-go easy dinner when I was a kid – we probably ate it once a week at least. Without a doubt it is my top comfort food, as it probably is for most people with some SE Asian heritage. It’s also quick, delicious, and a fine repository for any old leftovers bunging up the fridge.

Celery soup with Stilton and walnut scones

This is a good standby lunch for me as I’ve usually got all the ingredients lurking around, but it’s also nice enough for visitors. In true Lazybones style, it’s pretty much throw-it-together using what you have.

On loving to read

I don’t know how old I was when I started reading. I do know that once I did get going, I devoured books like a steam train furnace eats coke. “Feed me! Feed me!” I growled, ratcheting through a book a day.

You say tomayto…

Today I gave in to the looming chilliness and picked the last of the green tomatoes. And now I have 3.7kg of green tomatoes to deal with…

The curse of the courgette

Courgettes. They’re a problem. I realise this isn’t the case for most people who can pick them up in the supermarket, pause, and then think no, not this week. But the veg gardeners will understand my pain.

The accidental sculpture park

There’s a look on people’s faces when you say you’re going to holiday a stone’s throw from a nuclear power station, and it doesn’t usually say, “Wish it was me.” But I have a few friends who get it, and those that do “totally get it”.

No-need-to-knead bread

I was dropping my four-year-old granddaughter off with her mother after an evening of respite care when she threw her arms round me and said, “I think I love you a bit too much, Nanna.” And I thought, ahhh, that’s how I feel about bread…

Matchy matchy

My favourite teacup makes me feel like I’m treating myself every time I use it. So I took both colours and pattern for this tea cosy from that…

A post about tea

I used to be a ‘must have a black coffee in the morning or I’m useless’ kinda gal. Then I had an extended stay in hospital, where even the most hardened coffee-drinker will switch to tea if they value their tastebuds, and came out an early waker and morning tea-drinker. I especially love loose leaf…

A surfeit of parsley

Anyone who grows their own vegetables or fruit has experienced a glut of something at some time. Right now it’s parsley…