About this blog

I do a lot of stuff.

I cook and bake, I grow and preserve fruit and veg, I crochet and knit, and I make clothes. That’s the stuff I do all the time, but there are other odd things as well. And then there’s the thinking about stuff, and getting cross, and needing to talk it out. All of that is what this blog is about.

I’m proud of the stuff I do, and I like to take pictures and share with my friends. But I’ve started to feel as if some of this might give the impression of being… well, a bit smug. But here’s the thing: I’m not trying to say, ‘look at how clever I am!’ because I’m actually incredibly lazy. I won’t do anything that takes a lot of effort – I’ll always try to find the fastest, easiest way. I’m the girl ignoring the ‘Don’t walk on the grass’ signs and cutting across the quad.

Me in a homemade frock, not walking across the quad.

So the main purpose of this blog is to give my friends a break and inflict my incipient smugness on other more random people. But I’m also hoping to persuade you that there are easy ways to achieve really cool things, so that you can be accused of smugface too.

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