A crochet rainbow

Rainbows are popping up in windows all over. Though some of us aren’t getting out much to see them, even the photos posted online are a lovely reminder of hope.


This is a crochet version that’s easy enough to make that it could be tackled as a beginner project if you’ve just taken up crocheting as your lockdown project. It only uses small amounts of yarn, so could be a stash-buster project as it mostly was for me. Or look out for online offers of packs of small yarn balls of rainbow colours. I used pale blue for the centre to make it more sky-like, but you could use black to make the rainbow colours stand out more. Or use white or beige, then sew on eyes and a smiley mouth in black for a friendly rainbow.

If you have small amounts of each colour only, or want to make it flat rather than padded, start with 3 ch plus 5 tr (=6 sts) in the first round, then work backwards and forwards in rows, using the same increase pattern.

You will need:

  • Small amounts of double knitting yarn (at least 50g) in each of the colours you choose (I used pale blue plus the seven rainbow colours)
  • Size 7/4.50 crochet hook
  • Soft toy stuffing (optional)
  • Card for stiffening (optional)

Pattern uses UK abbreviations.

To make:

Start with pale blue yarn (or whatever you choose for the centre) and make 4 ch. Ss to 1st ch to form a ring.

1st round: 2 ch, 10 htr into ring, ss to top of ch at beginning of round. (11 sts)

2nd round: 3 ch, tr into the same st, 2 tr into every st, ss to top of 3 ch. (22 sts)


3rd round: 3 ch, (2 tr into next st, tr into next st) to last st, 2 tr into last st, ss to top of 3 ch (33 sts)

4th round: 3 ch, (2 tr into next st, tr into next 2 sts) to last st, tr into last st, ss to top of 3 ch (44 sts) Change colour to violet.


5th round: 3 ch, (2 tr into next st, tr into next 3 sts) to last st, tr into last st, ss to top of 3 ch (55 sts) Change colour to dark blue.

Continue in rounds of tr, increasing 11 sts evenly on each round by adding one to the number of tr between each increase on each round, and changing colour with each round in accordance with the colours of the rainbow: violet, indigo (dark blue), blue, green, yellow, orange, red (round 11). Do not fasten off. This completes the rainbow circle.


Now fold the circle in half. If you would like to make a perfect semi-circle, you could cut a piece of card in a semi-circle shape now and slip it in between the two layers. Work 1 ch, then work 1 dc in each stitch through both layers to join. If you want to pad it a little, pause when you have a couple of inches left to join, add some stuffing (not too much or you’ll lose the shape), then finish joining.

Fasten off, find the top centre and rejoin any colour yarn to make the chain loop for hanging by working as many chain as you need for the length of your hanging loop, then fastening off. Weave in the ends.


Now find a good place to hang your rainbow so everyone can see it. Take a photo and post it online too, for those that can’t get out. Let’s fill our windows and our social media with rainbows, in the knowledge that there’ll be better times to come.



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