Coconut milk granita

The ice cream van never stops here. We live on a main bus route so it whizzes past, breaking my heart as it sings its siren song to the houses behind us. I keened so badly once, Husband ran all the way round the block to catch it.

This ice isn’t as good as Mr Whippy (nothing is as good as Mr Whippy with a chocolate flake and red sauce) but as cold creamy stuff goes it’s so easy it’s hardly even a recipe. I’ve called it granita because I made it without the ice cream maker (I would need to have the forethought to put the bowl in the freezer for hours beforehand and clearly I didn’t) so it was more ice crystals than smooth sorbet. But if you were a better planner than me, or had more patience and were prepared to whizz it with a hand blender and freeze for longer, it would be more sorbet-like.

It has the accidental benefit of being vegan and dairy-free and was lush with a spoonful of berry compote. It would be excellent with some chilled chopped or pureed pineapple or mango, and I’m guessing it’d not be averse to the addition of a little rum…

Coconut milk granita

  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp golden castor sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix all the ingredients in a shallow dish, tin, or plastic box. Freeze for at least four hours, scraping all the crystals from the sides and giving everything a good mashing with a fork every hour or so. That’s it.



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