Mushroom pate

Grey food is not attractive. Grey may be desirable in a Farrow and Ball paint chart, but it doesn’t shout “Eat me! I’m yummy!” in food. Luckily some things taste better than they look, and this is one of them.


Super-easy soda bread

I love bread. I love easy, quick stuff. Why would I not love soda bread, the easiest, quickest bread ever? In theory at least, we are a perfect fit.

Digging and planting

I’ve been in the garden, digging and planting. Naturally I have overdone it, and naturally I shall pay for it tomorrow, if not sooner. But it’s virtuous pain…

A summer dressing gown

I asked for a new dressing gown for Christmas this year. But because I am a picky little snowflake, my family wisely chose less controversial gifts like gin and an Aeropress. So I made one.