The curse of the courgette

Courgettes. They’re a problem. I realise this isn’t the case for most people who can pick them up in the supermarket, pause, and then think no, not this week. But the veg gardeners will understand my pain.

The accidental sculpture park

There’s a look on people’s faces when you say you’re going to holiday a stone’s throw from a nuclear power station, and it doesn’t usually say, “Wish it was me.” But I have a few friends who get it, and those that do “totally get it”.

No-need-to-knead bread

I was dropping my four-year-old granddaughter off with her mother after an evening of respite care when she threw her arms round me and said, “I think I love you a bit too much, Nanna.” And I thought, ahhh, that’s how I feel about bread…