A post about tea

I used to be a ‘must have a black coffee in the morning or I’m useless’ kinda gal. Then I had an extended stay in hospital, where even the most hardened coffee-drinker will switch to tea if they value their tastebuds, and came out an early waker and morning tea-drinker.


I especially love loose leaf tea but it’s so much faff. Teapots are never the right size, my lovely old strainer is apparently not sufficiently fine for the loose-leaf tea you can buy now, and I’ve already broken two individual infusers. I’ve been coveting a Bodum glass infuser teapot for a while but can’t justify the cost. So tea-bags it’s been.


But hallelujah! IKEA have an answer. The RIKLIG glass teapot is just the right size for three cups in the 0.6l version. It also comes in a 1.5l size, which would be perfect for a proper tea party. It’s pleasingly shaped, and you can see when the tea’s reached optimum shade of ambery-brown. There’s a removable infuser pot that sits in the centre but doesn’t reach the bottom, so the last cup isn’t stewed. Of course you could remove it once the tea’s brewed and it’s done its job but who can be bothered?

tea2It also means I can make teas from what I have growing in the garden, which I couldn’t do with ordinary teapots (they clogged up the spout) or infusers (could never get enough leaves in). I tend to dry lemon verbena leaves before making tea with them (as quickly as possible, spread out on a metal tray in the airing cupboard), but I think the best mint tea is made with fresh mint. Yum.

Nice drop of lemon verbena

One thing is missing though: a tea cosy. So I’m getting out the crochet hook, right about now…



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  1. pinkiebag says:

    Oh my goodness you have the same tea cup as me. Mine gets used far to much, Chloe.


    1. I love it, but I broke the saucer about 2 days after I got it… Coveting the rest of the range though!

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      1. pinkiebag says:

        Oh there’s a range ? Where do you get them from? Thanks 😊


      2. Mine came from John Lewis… put your credit card somewhere you can’t easily find it before you open this link! http://www.johnlewis.com/brand/pip-studio/_/N-1z13y8i


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