Orange & hazelnut biscotti

Here is one fact about universities that you won’t read in the papers: they run on free food. Biscotti are the solution.


Damson time

I was at the checkout in Tesco at 9.15am yesterday with a 1.5l bottle of gin. I wasn’t even embarrassed. Okay, I was a bit embarrassed.

The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

Husband, Daughter No.2 and I battled our way through the drizzle to the Serpentine Gallery for Grayson Perry’s modestly titled The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

The summer harvest

It’s the middle of the summer harvest season, and we’re eating something from the garden with every meal.

Tapas, tinto and polvorones

We’ve just returned from a short visit to Madrid, and I’m in love – with this noisy, beautiful, glorious, delicious city…

Emergency houmous

A couple of weeks back there was panic in the kitchens of North London over a houmous shortage. Well, emergency over…

New shoots…

In my little vegetable plot there are bright green shoots that promise delicious fresh things to eat. If I can keep the slugs, snails, blackfly, caterpillars, pigeons, squirrels, and cats-in-search-of-a-giant-litter-box off them, that is.

Spring vegetable broth

I love meat. But recently, I’ve found myself veering towards a more vegetable-based diet. I fear I’ll become an accidental vegetarian.