Persian tiles crochet throw

AKA the crochet throw from hell…


Boiled fruit cake

In our house, there is a ritual that happens around Christmas, when my daughters come home, go through the cupboards, and accusingly wave bars of chocolate at me with one square eaten.

Hedgehog cake

Something which turned up fairly regularly on our childhood tea table was what my nan called Hedgehog…

Holiday cooking and eating

I suspect whoever first said that all you need to cook well on holiday is a good sharp knife was thinking of the kind of holiday let that does not site the sink, cooker and fridge in three different rooms.

Backstage at the Festival

We’re a week away from the start of this year’s Reading Festival. I would say Reading is conflicted rather than divided over the festival. Of course, there are people who just hate it. But most I suspect are like me: it’s a toss-up between the excitement of seeing our town transform for a few days,…

Three fat owls

Meet Blinky, Snowy and Sunshine – three fat crochet owls. Easy to make, ideal beginner project, free pattern.

Store cupboard BBQ sauce

My daughter is cross with me. She asked how I make BBQ sauce and apparently I did not give a satisfactory answer.

Lemon iced tea, UK stylee

I don’t drink fizzy pop but I do love iced tea in hot weather. It’s taken me years though to work out how to make it. The problem is that we don’t traditionally drink a lot of iced tea in the UK, so all the instructions I found were American. And American tea bags are…

Kitchen garden update

This is supposed to be a blog about making things easy, and gardening in the UK has not been easy for anyone this year.

Coconut milk granita

The ice cream van never stops here. It whizzes past, breaking my heart by singing its siren song to the houses behind us.