Bowie, for absolute beginners

On the 2nd anniversary of Bowie’s death, a Twitter friend asked which album she should listen to as an introduction to Bowie. I realised what she needed was not an album, but a playlist.


A crochet neck warmer

A quick little project – a smaller scarf that fits closely round your neck, with one end slotted through the other for extra snugness.

Gloves for little dragons

My grandchildren have a favourite game at the moment: dragon school. So I made dragon gloves for little Dragy and her brother Drag…

Tractors and tapestries

I had a Friday off a couple of weeks ago and, despite several hours trawling all the usual-suspect websites, failed to find anywhere that was available and affordable in any of the places I wanted to visit. So we had a staycation instead…

Saturday night food

My husband always says that Saturday night is for ‘sloppy’ food. I only just realised what that means: essentially anything that a sensible person would buy from a takeaway.

Cooking with the munchkins

We’ve recently had half term here and I’ve had a couple of days looking after my grandkids. It started me thinking, both about cooking with kids, and as a kid.

Egg and bacon pie

What are your top five kitchen utensils? A friend posted that on Facebook a while back. I was the first to reply, within about a minute, followed by all my friends virtually crowing that they knew I’d be the first.

The ‘end’ of the season

I’ve been thinking about packing the garden up for winter. The tomatoes are long gone, the sad little courgette harvest is finished, the runner beans still have lots of leaves but no more likelihood of pods. Only a few apples remain on the tree. But there’s still plenty to look forward to.

Orange & hazelnut biscotti

Here is one fact about universities that you won’t read in the papers: they run on free food. Biscotti are the solution.

Damson time

I was at the checkout in Tesco at 9.15am yesterday with a 1.5l bottle of gin. I wasn’t even embarrassed. Okay, I was a bit embarrassed.

The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

Husband, Daughter No.2 and I battled our way through the drizzle to the Serpentine Gallery for Grayson Perry’s modestly titled The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!